The Simple Solution

Serve hot food hot, cold food cold, and on time! It sounds like an easy formula. However, when you're working with multiple menu items and lots of customers, running an efficient kitchen is far from easy.

The Kitchen Operations System

The Kitchen Operations System (KOS) is an easy graphical icon system that helps your cooks manage multiple items with multiple cook times on multiple stations. It simplfies your kitchen to reduce hold times and food waste to serve your customers just what they wanted, just the way they wanted it!

Simply Innovative

Here are just a few of the key benefits KOS offers:

Improves productivity with an opportunity to reduce labor hours
Overcomes language barriers with a True Graphical system
Schedules items to maximize your kitchen capacity and ensure simultaneous completion of all items on an order
Allows you to improve food quality while reducing food waste
Seamless connection to your existing POS
Reduces training time and improves employee retention

Provides innovative productivity metrics

Theoretical vs. Actual Ticket Times
Productivity by hour
by day-part
by cook

How It Works

Your POS communicates directly with the Kitchen Operations System (KOS). KOS then coordinates all the items on an order, taking into account relative cook times, product mix, and kitchen capacity, to ensure the fastest possible ticket time while maintaining the simultaneous completion of all items on the ticket. KOS ' patented combination of scheduling and graphic communication simplifies the processes in the kitchen allowing your cooks to produce higher quality with less waste than ever before. In addition, KOS is flexible enough to work with multiple kitchen designs, even if they change by daypart.

Hardware: The Kitchen Operations System runs on rugged off-the-shelf hardware that simplifies the cooking process. A computer-driven display is mounted at each cooking station.

Software: Its software, through unique graphical icons, visually represents the cooking time and status within the order flow of every single menu item.

Reliability: The Kitchen Operations System runs off redundant servers to virtually eliminate downtime.

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